About Me



I am an author, freelance journalist and a retired consultant in pain medicine and anaesthesia in a leading NHS hospital in the United Kingdom.

I have been involved in patient care in all aspects over the last 30 years along with undertaking charitable work.

I have been interested in social values and how it affects individuals and society in general. Environmental issues are of concern to me and I endeavour to contribute towards prevention.

I am a School Governor and a Parish Councillor.

Writing Credits

In addition to writing 3 books, I have written  articles of interest in Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine in Peer- reviewed journals.

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I am a keen writer and have jointly edited a Community newspaper for six months with a circulation of 200,000 in the inner city of Birmingham UK.

Doctors’ Mess was my first attempt at writing fiction.

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Charity work

I worked with a renowned charity in Hyderabad, India which has branches all over India and abroad.

The charity is an innovative public private partnership to demonstrate a model to address poverty alleviation through linking learning and livelihood needs of working children and disadvantaged youth at risk to equitable qualitative learning and promising labour market oriented vocational training opportunities. 

As a part of educating youth, I wrote, produced, directed and edited a 98 minute film, which was shot in Hyderabad, India. The DVDs were dubbed in regional languages and distributed. The fill was called “Aashaa Kiran” (A ray of hope).



My role was to edit the books used in the syllabus and interact with the programme developers for online educational tools. This involved use of ARTICULATE programme.

As a part of furthering the education of high school dropouts I initiated “Physician Assistant” programme modelled for Indian needs. This two year course was approved by IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University).

Educational Videos for patients

I wrote, filmed, edited and distributed educational videos on the self-management of chronic pain to my patients whilst working as a Consultant in Pain management.

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