Doctors’ Mess

A reunion to mark 40 years since enrolling at the medical school in India reunites old friends from all corners of the globe.  Afterwards, four of the doctors and their families venture on a trip around scenic Rajasthan.

Madhavi, an IVF specialist and long term UK resident, has a jaundiced view of men after a failed marriage and an embezzlement scandal. The tour is soured by the toxic atmosphere created by her jealousy and trust issues until she finally encounters someone who can challenge her views.

Jyoti, a successful plastic surgeon from Mumbai, has to contend with a malpractice case concerning failed gender assignment surgery and also her son’s gambling habits. A mafia don takes advantage of this perfect storm to promote his own agenda. Jyoti struggles to outwit the don to redeem herself and her family.

Smita, a primary care physician, settled in San Diego, California, endeavours to help her husband fight a malpractice suit while she struggles with acknowledging her lesbian relationship and its affect on her family’s happiness.

Aditi, a widowed anaesthetist, settled in the Republic of Ireland, is looking for a second chance at love. How will she adjust to her daughter coming out as a lesbian? Will she become the victim of an assailant bent upon revenge?

This trip chronicles the highs and lows in the relationships of the four friends and their families. It reveals the vulnerabilities of growing old, loneliness and feeling unloved. The story travels back and forth between three continents over a forty-year period.

The title ‘Doctors’ Mess’ has a double meaning. In a hospital, it is a place for doctors to rest while on call and also interact with each other. Mess also aptly refers to the predicament of the doctors on this trip.


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Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 8 August 2018

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