D.I. Nikki Barnes

“Money Kills” First of DI Nikki Barnes thriller trilogy was released on Amazon as an e-book and paperback.

Excerpts from the First of Three DI Barnes Thriller – “MONEY KILLS”. (Part 1 of trilogy)

DI Nikki Barnes, an ex army doctor, has been working for the City of Birmingham Police Department. She has solved the murders of a freelance journalist, a whistle blower and two army veterans. She is ably assisted in her task by Ayesha Begum, an IT expert who is also a hacker and her best friend. A loner, Nikki is compelled to work with John Williamson, a rookie detective constable and the son of the Home Secretary, Anna Williamson.

As Nikki unravels the crimes, it takes her into the murky worlds of extortion, money laundering and trafficking. Her quest to uncover the perpetrators takes her on a journey from Birmingham to Whitehall, Wales and Shropshire. Colonel Barnaby Hastings, an Afghanistan war veteran, is ridden with guilt following the murder of soldiers under his command at the hands of the Taliban. He returns to the UK and sets up an opium smuggling operation. He goes on a murdering spree to cover his tracks so that the money received from the drug trade can continue to benefit the families of the deceased soldiers. Nikki tracks him down and, after defending his wrong doing, Colonel Hastings kills himself with a dose of curare, a muscle relaxant.

Nikki is learning to use her autism and special skills to her advantage, but she is haunted by the suspicion that she was experimented on as a child. On her deathbed, her nanny, Keisha Belinfante, leaves a cryptic note to the effect that she let Nikki down and tells her to talk to Glenroy Da’Costa, her boyfriend who has now moved to Jamaica.

Nikki enlists the assistance of Keisha’s son, Delroy, and travels to Jamaica to find out about her past.

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Excerpts from MEDICINE KILLS (Part 2 of the trilogy)

A woman’s body is found in an industrial estate in the west side of Birmingham. DI Nikki Barnes, an ex-army doctor is teamed up with DC John Williamson. The body of a jogger is discovered in the leafy suburbs of Solihull.A fertility specialist is gunned down in the middle of Birmingham.A high flying doctor pushes her research into new frontiers.The authority of police is compromised of the highest level.DI Barnes continues to face her demons.What motivates the perpetrator? The investigation trail begins in Birmingham and leads DI Barnes into the murky world of modern day slavery, greed, corruption and killings.Can DI Barnes catch the killer?

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