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Rubbish on the streets

This is my second post on street rubbish.

What are the types of people who throw rubbish on the street?

My hunch is- lazy people

Educated/ uneducated of varying age groups who are in a rush!!

This poster in India made me wonder, can this act as a deterrent?



Cigarette butts and plant growth

It’s usual to see cigarette butts strewn on the roads on daily walks!! People either throw it out of the car or crush it on their walks. But the impact it has on plant growth is enormous.

A study carried out by Anglia Ruskin University found that the presence of cigarette butts in the soil reduced the germination success and shoot length of clover by 27%.

Most cigarette butts contain a filter made of cellulose acetate fibre which causes damage the plants, even without the additional toxins released from the burning of the tobacco.

An estimated 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are littered worldwide each year making them the planet’s worst plastic pollution!!

Let’s do something about it.





Litter on the roads

Walking everyday is therapeutic as it not only gives you energy, builds your stamina and improves your health but also stimulates your brain.

New thoughts stimulate your brain and you want to jot down or dictate on your smartphone.

Suddenly, you see a used box of burger or a cola bottle or an empty bottle of spirit.

You wonder, couldn’t this person not have picked it and dropped in the nearest bin or taken home?

The answer comes as NO!

So you put them in an empty bag you are carrying to pick up these things on the road – to keep the roads on which you walk clean.

People must develop a sense of responsibility. Feel proud of their locality, city and the country. Make the environment in which they are growing sustainable.


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