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New Book Release

When I wrote my anaesthetic books, there was no fear of how would I publish it as I had established publishers lined up for them. It was a niche market and my book was the first of its kind.

But, writing a fiction is a different ball game. You are competing with millions of would be writers who are pitching their book/books.

I read an article by Miranda Beverly-Whittmore which confirmed my beliefs.

a. I decided to write what I wanted and went for it.

b. I realised that I had to care for my characters and get into their mind set, which was a wonderful experience.

c. I finished writing the book and had an excellent editor, who went through the book twice.

d. It was easy – where I was publishing. Createspace for the book format and Kindle for e-version.

e. A bit of computer knowledge also helped in uploading the book.

f. I never forgot to thank my editor and the cover designer wholeheartedly.

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