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2050 – Dementia in India

October 14, 2019 Leave a comment

12 million people with Dementia by 2050 in India A report published in The Hindu quotes a three-fold rise in people suffering from dementia in India. It will present an overwhelming financial and human burden to health and care systems.

I wonder where are the Care systems, who educates and takes interest in the Carers?


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Dementia – Awareness in India

October 14, 2019 Leave a comment

Dementia in India We need to educate ourselves about the terms Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease if we are to look after our loved one’s who will grow old and one day develop signs and symptoms of dementia. It’s sad to read that almost a quarter of Indians surveyed by the Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) considered that those suffering from dementia to be “dangerous ” and about three fourths felt that those with dementia are “impulsive and unpredictable”.





Dementia – Risk reduction of cognitive decline

The WHO has released new guidelines for risk reduction of cognitive decline in dementia.

Dementia is a rapidly growing public health problem with around 50 million people suffering from the condition. Approximately 60% of these people are living in low and middle income countries.

While age is the strongest known risk factor for cognitive decline, dementia is not a natural or inevitable consequence of ageing. Several recent studies have shown a relationship between the development of cognitive impairment and dementia with lifestyle- related risk factors, such as

  • physical inactivity,
  • tobacco use,
  • unhealthy diets and
  • harmful use of alcohol.


Certain medical conditions are associated with an increased risk of developing dementia, including hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, obesityand depression. Other potentially modifiable risk factors include social isolation and cognitive inactivity.The existence of potentially modifiable risk factors means that prevention of dementia is possible through a public health approach, including the implementation of key interventions that delay or slow cognitive decline or dementia.

It is worth a read and acting on these recommendations and prevent a rapid decline due to this tragic condition.