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Dementia in India (1)

I am touched by the passion with which Swapnil Kishore writes about the plight of Dementia care In India.

A quote from her post is quite poignant – “Awareness is so poor that there is no way to tap the bulk of actual, hands-on caregivers. Besides, caregivers come in various stripes; the ones who most need help are not visible, not tapped, not participating in most dialogues. Patients who need the most help are the ones locked up in houses because of social stigma, or who remain undiagnosed or are labelled as crazy and shunned. So where are their voices, their concerns, their perspectives on what they need most and fastest? Where can we find persons diagnosed early enough to have insight into their dementia who may share their realities so that we can know what “friendliness” means to someone who actually has dementia? Don’t their opinions matter?”

She also observes “But we have a severe shortage of people and resources in the dementia domain. We don’t have the foundation for advanced and ambitious projects like a “dementia-friendly community.”


We need to help in setting up viable education tools to help carers of dementia sufferers in small steps. It is a long way off from achieving the status of western models of care but overstep matters.

We are on the way towards making that first step!



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